Telehealth PCIT Parent Testimonials:

  •      "I can honestly say that finding Clear Minded Counseling and Jaime has been a huge blessing to our family. Even on really hard weeks when I feel like nothing we do is going to make a difference, we will have our session with Jaime and I am proven wrong. I thought we were doing this as a last ditch effort to try to figure out what's going on with our daughter but it has done so much more. It has helped me as a mom not only be able to deal with the behaviors better but it gives me peace of mind knowing that Jaime actually cares about us. She has helped us the entire way on this journey of figuring out if we are dealing with autism or something else - nobody has EVER listened or cared enough to guide us through this and provide support at the same time. I have cried tears of relief and appreciation for God placing Jaime in our lives when we needed her the most."
    - Mother of 4 year old girl, completed PCIT with Jaime

  •     "We feel like (our son) has made a remarkable improvement in the time we have had. Thanks for your hlep with his behavioral issues!"
    - Mother of 5 year old boy, was in PCIT with Audra


  • "Our family was desperate for a change. When we first heard about PCIT my husband was skeptical, but we were both desperate. I signed us up to learn more and we decided we needed to give it a try. We knew it would take a lot of work and effort on our part, but we were committed to doing it. We were told over and over that we would see results - and we sure did! Full on tantrums were no longer a thing. We learned how to avoid a blow up and our daughter learned to better manage her emotions. We would definitely recommend PCIT!"
    Mother of 6 year old girl, completed PCIT with Audra


  •      "I recently completed PCIT therapy with my young daughter via 100% Telehealth communications, which I believe provided the following benefits aside from the therapy itself. We were able to conduct the sessions in the comfort of our own home. This allowed me to interact with my daughter in her natural environment without the additional distractions of a typical office visit, thus we were able to address the core behaviors more quickly and accurately. However ,the most beneficial aspect to PCIT therapy via Telehealth, in my opinion, is that it put me at the center of our sessions as opposed to the therapist. It put me in the position to accept responsibility for the success of each session by having the room and activities prepared ahead of time which helped me set the tone for the entire session, all of which my daughter noticed."  
    - Father of 6 year old girl , completed PCIT with Jaime


  •      "We were kind of leery at first because of the technology aspect, but have learned that even with the glitches now and then it is great to be in a familiar environment. E (their daughter) gets comfortable playing faster and forgets we are even being watched."
    - Mother of 6 year old girl